St. Simon's Parish Hall is a NON SMOKING building.

We strictly do not hire to 16th, 18th & 21st birthday celebrations.

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Application and Conditions of Hall Hire:

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Hours of Hire and Function

You have access to the Hall from these set times and no earlier.

  • Saturday evening from 12.00pm to 12.00am – Music to be turned off by 12 midnight.
  • Sunday day time from 8.30am to 11.00pm


  • Saturday hall hire fees are: $450.00 (incl. GST)
  • Sunday hall hire fees are: $350.00 (incl. GST)

Deposit, Bond and Payment

Bookings will be confirmed when this application form is completed and a non-refundable deposit
of $100.00 is paid. The balance of hiring fee, plus a bond of $500.00 against possible loss or damage,
must be paid not later than fourteen (14) days before the hire. Cheques are to be made payable
to "St. Simon's Parish".

The Parish will apply the Bond to cover any out of pocket costs incurred relating to the following
and must be reimbursed by the applicant:

  • The cost of any damage to the Hall or any of the Parish's property in or around the Hall.
  • The cost of any cleaning of any part of the hall used for the Applicants function
    which, in the opinion of the Parish exceeds that normally required. Any food remains, bottles,
    cans, decorations or any other rubbish associated with the Function left behind in the hall
    or on Parish grounds will automatically be treated as exceeding normal cleaning requirements.
  • Any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the Parish because of a breach of these conditions
    by the Applicant.
  • Any breach of conditions of hire, where the Parish sees appropriate.
  • When a staff member or members are required to attend the hall after an event, a call out fee
    of $100.00 per member will be deducted from your bond.

If in the opinion of the Parish, the Applicant has complied with these conditions and after the function
there is no damage to the Hall or Parish property and there is no excess cleaning to be done, the Parish
will refund an amount equal to the Bond to the Applicant.

If you fail to text Parish contact when Alarm is sounding in power box, you will be charged $500.00.

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Cancellation and Bond Refund

The Parish reserves the right to refuse to approve any application without giving any reason. If the Parish cancels a booking, the Parish must return the Bond and deposit or hiring charges paid by the Applicant as soon as possible.

All hall hire not paid in accordance with the terms of this document shall be deemed cancelled and the deposit forfeited. Any cancellation after payment of full hire fee will result in forfeiture of ½ the hall hire fee. The bond will be refunded within seven (7) days after the date of the function, less any amount needed to repair damage, replace lost or missing items, or clean when hall, car park and parish grounds have not been returned to same condition as prior to hall hire. Refer to all conditions listed under “Deposit, Bond and Payment” outlined above.It is hereby agreed that in the event that the bond is insufficient to cover the
amount required for repairs, replacement or cleaning, the excess can be claimed from the Hirer as a debt.

Facilities and Conditions of Use

The Hall may hold a maximum capacity of 150 seated persons. There are 150 chairs, 15 round tables (1650mm) and 13 rectangle tables (900mm x 1800mm) provided.  The round tables can seat 8 people comfortably. The tables and chairs must be left as they were found before setting up the hall for the function (if unsure of the layout, please refer to the photos found on the walls). A small kitchen with a normal gas domestic stove and microwave is available.  All kitchen facilities used must be cleaned before the period
of hire ends. Crockery and cutlery are not provided.  None of the hall fixtures or fittings are to be removed from the hall at any time before, during or after the function.  Any equipment brought in by the Hirer, an invitee or caterers employed by the Hirer must be removed from the hall before it is locked at the
end of the function.

The Hirer may only use those parts of the Hall specified by the Parish as available for use. The Hirer may not allow the Hall to be used during the time it is booked for any purpose other than the Function specified or by any person or organisation other than the Hirer or organisation on behalf of which the application was made for the purposes of the function.

The Hirer may not sell tickets or require payment of a charge of admission to the Function without consent
of the Parish.  The Hirer must give the Parish a copy of the proposed agenda for the function.
(Risk Assessment Checklist
may be sufficient in most cases).

The Hirer must ensure that the number of people attending does not exceed the number specified in the application and that the function is conducted to comply with laws and all requirements relating
to prevention of over-crowding, and obstruction of exits.

While School Building Construction is in progress, Hirers must not at any time access the main entrance of the Parish Hall without the clearance of the builder for personal safety. The Parish Hall access will be only temporally through the back entrance of the Hall.

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No Nuisance

The Hirer must ensure that the activities conducted from the hall are of a legal, ethical and moral nature and cause no nuisance, damage or annoyance to any adjoining or nearby premises. All music to be turned off by Midnight (In accordance with the Victorian  Government under the EPA Act) and the parish grounds and car park must be left in clean state and condition and used with a minimum of noise.

Set Up and Decorations

Decorations can be attached to brick interior walls, but not to plaster walls, doors or windows without written consent from the Parish. All decorations must be removed, including any adhesive, and walls left clean at the end of the function. No part of the Hall or Parish property is to be damaged in any way or pierced by nails, screws or likewise.









Before Leaving

The Hirer may only use the Hall during the period hired in the abovementioned “Hours of Hire and Function". and must ensure that all attendees, caterers, entertainers, musicians and other persons employed or invited by the Hirer vacate the hall
at the end of hiring period. Before leaving the hall all lights and appliances must be switched off (Heaters and Air Conditioning especially) and all areas used to be cleaned.  The removal of all rubbish, bottles and other items brought onto the premises by the Hirer, any invitee or caterer is the responsibility of the Hirer and must be removed from the hall and surrounding grounds. There is a large rubbish skip
that you are welcome to use at the entrance of the
parish grounds. The key to access this skip will be provided when collecting hall keys.

At the end of the function, ensure that all external doors and windows are secured.The hall must be left
in a clean and tidy condition including the sweeping and mopping of floors, wiping down of kitchen benches and cleaning of toilets. Hall keys must be returned
to the Parish Office after event and placed in the letterbox located in the Parish Office entrance.If the Hirer does not ensure that all guests and agents vacate the
hall at the end of hiring period, the Hirer must on demand pay to the Parish all costs incurred to the Parish in relations to the additional time, and may forfeit all
or part thereof the Bond.

Hall Dance Floor 2017

Alcohol, Smoking & Animals

St. Simon’s Parish Hall is a NON SMOKING building. Alcohol may be consumed in the Hall, but the sale and/or disposal of alcohol is prohibited unless the Hirer can produce a bona fide licence or permit from the relevant authority.  No animals are to be brought into the Hall or surrounding Parish property.


Please Note

  • Cooking and food preparation shall be restricted to the kitchen.  No person may prepare or cook food outside the kitchen area without written approval from the Parish.
  • Cooking appliance shall not be left unattended while in use.
  • Electrical power points shall not be overloaded.
  • No dragging of chairs, tables or other items across the floor.
  • No beer barrels to be brought into the hall.
  • Hirer shall not damage, deface, alter or remove any part of the hall or its fixtures or fittings.
  • There are to be no illicit drugs or prohibited substances consumed or taken on church property.
  • The Hirer is responsible for the provision of First Aid services and equipment during the hire period.

Personal Injury & Property Damage

The Hirer shall conduct all activities in, on and about the hall in a proper and reasonable manner to         ensure the personal safety of all occupants and avoid property damage. The Hirer’s property remains
at the Hirer’s risk at all times. The Hirer indemnifies the Parish against damage caused to the Hall by
the installation and/or removal of the Hirer’s property and any liability or loss arising from and any costs, charges and expenses incurred in connection with the Parish acting under this condition.

If the Hall is damaged in any way during the Function or at any other time by the Hirer or Hirer’s guests       and agents, the Parish may require the Hirer to make good the damages at the expense of the Hirer
or pay to the Parish all costs incurred by the Parish in making good the damage.

Use of Playground Equipment

The use of the playground area and equipment is not included as part of your hall hire. No liability will
be accepted for any damages or injury occurred. Children must be adequately supervised at all times
and are the responsibility of the parent or guardian placed in charge at the time of hire.


The Hirer hereby indemnifies St Simon’s Parish, Rowville (and all representatives) and keep St Simon’s Parish, Rowville (and all representatives) harmless from all claims, such as; demands, proceedings, suits, damages, costs, charges, penalties and all other liability whatsoever with respect to or in any way arising
out of loss of life, injury to person, damage or loss of property connected with the use of hall by the Hirer
or any person coming onto the hall whether as an invitee or otherwise during the period of the hire. This includes any set up period and period during which the Hirer and invitees are leaving the hall.

The Hirer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified St Simon’s Parish, Rowville and all its representatives from and against all actions, claims, damages and demands whatsoever which may be brought or made
or claimed against them or any of them arising out of, or in relation to the hire period and be directly related to the negligent acts, errors or omissions of the hirer.